Bagot Arms Golf Society est 2009
Bagot Arms Golf Society               est 2009


The Bagot Arms Golf Society consists of 35 members. Allow us to introduce them to some of them on this page.

Danny Doran 

Handicap 28

Age: 55ish

Occupation: Unknown

Danny has been with the society from the begining, way back in 2009, although recently Danny prefers to go and watch Aston Villa in their quest to become European Champions again!

Can be heard shouting at every society outing before he gets on the mini-bus "Where's the OUTDOOR!" (off license)





Tommy 'Plant Pot' Dodds

Handicap 8.0

Age: around 70 ish( he wears sandals & white trousers abroad, so he must be)

Occupation: Self employed, house repairs and refurbishments. CEO of 'Bodge it & Dodge it' LTD

Tom, a father figure to us all, wins every year abroad. He loves a pint of coca cola with ice. (work it out for yourselves)

Nicky Clarke

Handicap: 30 (yes you read that right)

Occupation: Roofer and cladder.

Nicky is a lively character who plays the game with a smile on his face. He is one of the societies jokers and very rarely misses a society day. Nicky is the society husband of pal Steve Connors. 

Simon Hughes

Handicap 16.4

Occupation: Electrician

Simon is another founder member and very rarely misses an outing. Simon has a dry sense of humour and is a Villa season ticket holder (not related).

Simon always makes it back to the pub on a golf day for his sleep around 8 o'clock.

Tim Pearce

Handicap 13.9

Occupation: Retired.

Timmy is a founder member of the BAGS and is a hugely popular member of the society.

Unfortunately illness has prevented Timmy from taking part in any recent golf days, but we are confident he will be back very soon.

Dean Blunt (Chuck Norris-Missing in Action)

Handicap: 19.8

Occupation: Winds watches up for a living (something like that).

'Reward If Found'- not seen since 1986.

Dean is a popular member of our society and has a great sense of humour. Dean can play a bit too, but has just fell short on many an occasion. Great company in a four-ball.

Brendan O'Reilly

Handicap 9.6

Age: TBC

Occupation: Accountant

Brendan is the societies only left handed player, and has the touch of Phil Mickleson around the greens. He can hit a ball too! He is an ever present each year on Tour, and is a five time major winner, one player of the year, and four KO Cups.

God this guys good!!

Craig 'Cockney' Grove

Handicap: 19.7

Occupation: Unknown.

Craig  is another member who has been with us from the start. He has a bubbly personality, both on and off the course. Craig is a big Spurs fan and is also a follower of Darts. On the course Craig is noted for his acknowledgement of good golf, and his encouragement of others golfers, top bloke.....but he's still a Spurs fan!!

Stuart Kirby

Handicap: 12.3

Occupation: Site Supervisor

Stuart is a  huge 'Baggies' supporter, which is not easy with most of the society being Villa fans. 

Stuart is a big hitter. On his day there are very few who can match his length,..... from the tee that is!

Expecting big things from Stuart this year. (outside bet)

Adrian Oneill

Handicap: 13.3

Age. ?

Occupation: IT Sales Director

Adrian is a former Major winner, winning the K.O Cup in 2015.  Adrian is great company on a society day, and has always been a regular on our away days abroad untill recently, where all of a sudden he has disappeared. He has the nickname of  Darren Anderton because of all his poorly little aches and pains!

Simon Upton

Handicap: 13

Age: 51

Occupation: Retired Production Supervisor, Chemical plant (He has 6 fingers on each hand and now has only one leg after recently trying to wrestle a forklift truck!

Simon is the 2017  Player of The Year and is now making an impressive comeback.

Andrew 'Monty' Maidment

Handicap: 12.8

Occupation: Jaguar Cars worker and a 'Nose'.

Monty is the 2018 Player of The Year...... and a 'Nose'.

John Rodgers

Handicap: 26.5

Occupation: John drives one of them trucks that carries cement, you know the ones with the big thingy on the back that goes round and round!! 

John is a quiet but likeable character and is 3 foot tall. Can be found sitting on top of a mushroom at the bottom of the garden.

John is the 2019 Player of the Year!!


Tony Roche

Handicap: 13.2

Occupation: Golf Club Manager.

Tony is the man they all want to beat. A loving caring character who will do anything to help anybody. He is a good looking guy with bags of personality and really should have won Player of the Year last season. Loves a golf trip now and then and a few beers. Honestly,.... he really should have won Player of the Year last year!!



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