Bagot Arms Golf Society est 2009
Bagot Arms Golf Society               est 2009

Rochey's Rant.

Pace of play

A much improved performance in terms of pace of play this week. No hold ups to report and everybody kept up with the group in front of them. Made for an enjoyable game of golf.


Bank Account

Any golf day payments or anything related to the Society must be deposited in the correct bank account. Please do not put any money in the golf holiday account as this can cause me much related stress! A perfect example of this happened this month when someone put £200 in my account for the charity day and I ended up buying myself some artificial grass for the garden because I thought I was loaded! Unfortunately for me, I now have to refund this money which will not please the wife as we only have two tomatoes and some out of date pickled onions in the fridge at the moment.


Two shots on Par 3's

Just read the heading!! ...Disgraceful!!



Please fill out your scorecards in a neat and tidy manner so we can read them. This week I thought we had three doctors join the society!


KO Cup Missing

Does anybody know where the KO Cup is?

Mysteriously it has vanished! If anybody has a dog similar to 'Pickles' who found the Jules Rimet Trophy back in 1966 plaese contact the committee.




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